Each year the Sands of Gallipoli captures a theme that brings home the extraordinary circumstances, courage and mateship that is the Anzac spirit. A portion of sands collected from Gallipoli landing site is integrated with quality metals and fittings to give both avid collectors and others a truly emotive link to our Anzacs.



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2016 - Great War 1916-2016 Collection

This superb 1916 commemorative centenary collection of six proof quality silver finish medallions reflects Australia's War in 1916 - on the seas, in the deserts and on the Western Front.

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2015 - The Centenary Collection

100 years on. This special Centenary Collection commemorates the spirit, bravery and comradeship of the ANZACs. The collection features limited edition medallions, collectables, gifts and fine jewellery.

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2014 - The Great War Collection

In this, the first year in our 100th anniversary commemorations of the First World War (1914-18), the story of our boys' passage to and through Gallipoli unfolds with the superb Sands of Gallipoli Limited Edition Medallions. Six stunning medallions have been minted with the obverse of the medallions featuring designs based on a series of sketches depicting the early stages of Australia's involvement in the Great War. The sketches, by renowned Australian artist Drew Harrison, were specially commissioned for this collection. The reverse of the medallions reflects the reverse of the Victory Medal.

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2013 - The Battle of Lone Pine

This beautiful collection features images from the painting The Battle of Lone Pine by the renowned Australian artist Drew Harrison. The painting was commissioned by Military Shop and was completed in late 2012.

Drew Harrison is a practicing artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. His formal illustrative training has provided a solid background for his evolution into contemporary artist. Acrylic paint is Drew’s medium of choice and a material that he has adeptly mastered for creating a wide range of works.

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2012 - The Spirit - Gallipoli Landing 1915

This beautiful collection features images from the painting The Spirit - Gallipoli Landing 1915 by the renowned military artist David Rowlands. The painting was commissioned by Military Shop and the painting was completed in late 2011.

David Rowlands is one of the world's finest living military artists. His atmospheric oil paintings present a realistic record of the dramatic events of war and have won him Royal favour and commissions from military organisations around the world.
We would like to thank The Australian Army History Unit for their tireless effort in assisting the artist with the historical content.

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2011 - Ordinary People - Extraordinary Service

The Aussie tradition of extraordinary service and looking out for your mates started in the Boer War. It was enhanced at Gallipoli and shines brightly today.

Helping your mate is not restricted to any one campaign. Indeed, it is a trait that seems to flow in the veins of Diggers in every campaign.

One of these Diggers was Simpson, the Man with the Donkey, at Anzac Cove. The bravery shown by John Simpson Kirkpatrick soon became one of the most prominent symbols of Australian courage and tenacity at Gallipoli. Instructed to recover and assist the wounded, he used a donkey to carry men down from the front line, often exposing himself to fire. Simpson was twice nominated for the Victoria Cross, the highest medal for bravery, but sadly, the award was twice refused due to misunderstandings.

No doubt each and every soldier throughout the proud history of Australian military service has had a story to tell; a story of ordinary men and women providing extraordinary service. Stories that tell of the bond of mateship, the highs and the lows, the courage and fear, and those they lost. These important contributions to our history are to be passed on and shared through the generations.
This collection pays tribute to the ordinary Digger who gives extraordinary service.

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2010 - Men of Valour Collection

The who stormed ashore Ari Burnu (now Anzac Cove), Gallipoli on 25 April 1915 were the finest troops ever assembled by the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) and the New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF).

Their ill-fated campaign is legend and foundation of our national identity. The adversity faced at Gallipoli is well known and just surviving the almost unbearable conditions was in itself an incredible mark of courage. There were also many acts of self-sacrifice, heroism and tenacity that defied the imagination, and were honoured with the Empire’s highest military honour - the Victoria Cross (VC). Its simple wording “FOR VALOUR” was personally chosen by Queen Victoria for whom the medal is named.

Eight Australians, one New Zealander, and a New Zealander serving in an Australian unit were awarded the only Imperial bravery medal available to all ranks. They lived and fought at a time and a place, and in conditions we can barely comprehend. However, one thing shines through the decades since they set a standard we can all aspire to. The Anzac Spirit.

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2009 - Prominent Medals of Gallipoli Collection

This collections combines exacting replicas of eight service medals earned on the Gallipoli battlefields with colour ribbons and vials of Gallipoli sand. In this collection we want to reflect recognition of extraordinary courage in a campaign requiring no less.

Prominent Medals of Gallipoli faithfully reproduces theVictoria Cross; Distinguished Service Order; Military Cross; Distinguished Conduct Medal; Military Medal; as well as Campaign Medals - the 1914-15 Star; British War Medaland Victory Medal.

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2008 - The Landing Collection

We float a small gold plated 1904 Rising Sun hat badge in a sealed capsule containing Gallipoli sand. We are reflecting the cost to our nation of a campaign doomed before it began. Out of position and vulnerable to enemy fire 2000 young men fell on the Gallipoli beach. This is an emotive collection. Iconic images "The Landing" and "Creating the Legend" are minted into the limited edition medallions.

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2007 - The Spirit Collection

In The Spirit Collection we bring to life the extraordinary experience of John Simpson Kirkpatrick of the Australian Army Medical Corps. Remembered now as Simpson and his Donkey, John was a larrikin with a fierce commitment to his fellow Anzacs. On the battlefront the 'man with the donkey' ferried hundreds of wounded and dying to care. He died on May 19th 1915. The collection features an iconic Simpson Image, the 1904 Rising Sun hat badge and a specially minted landing image.

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2006 - The Our People Collection

In The Our People Collection we remember the people who made up the various arms of ANZAC service; from troopers and artillery men, through to our medical corps and signalmen. In this collection the Gallipoli Sands is set into the actual collection pieces and protected under glassed epoxy. The limited edition includes vials of sand with minted medallions covering all arms of service.

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2005 - The 90th Anniversary Collection

In The 90th Anniversary collection we use the 1904 Rising Sun hat badge in two-tone gold and silver plating and authentic sand as a simple yet poignant reminder of this remarkable anniversary. The six limited edition medallions feature six designs that reflect the Gallipoli journey - Leaving Australia; Training in Egypt; The Landing; The Battle of Lone Pine; Battle of the Nek; and Retreating with Honour. Gallipoli sands encased in vials accompany the collection pieces.
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2004 - The Beneath the Sea Collection

In The Beneath the Sea Collection we set Gallipoli sand within Antique Brass pieces featuring the 1904 Rising Sun hat badge. The epoxy glass bubbled coating securing the sand gives the illusion of a soldier's hat badge resting in the sand beneath the sea.

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